Portable Modular Plastic Flooring For Temporary Disaster Relief Medical Tent Shelter

Deploying medical tents swiftly and ensuring their effectiveness relies on a holistic approach that includes the selection of the right ground system. A modular plastic ground system offers several advantages in terms of ease of installation, stability, water drainage, impact absorption, and hygiene. It not only enhances the overall infrastructure of medical tents but also contributes to the safety and comfort of patients



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    We are a manufacturer with our own R & D team, factory and warehouse.

    Samples are provided free of charge, but the buyer need to pay the freight.

    200 square meter for each model and each color.

    Stock 1 day, If not stock, 15 -20 days after samples confirmed .

    Our product raw material is 100% new high impact polypropylene, weather resistance, recyclable.

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